Freshly Baked Breads

Next-level Breads. Freshly baked in our clay ovens.

Kashmiri Nan

Sweet with coconut & raisins

Garlic Nan
Cheese Nan
Cheese & Red Onion Nan

Cheese and slices of red onion grilled on Nan

Cheese Garlic Nan
Garlic Chilli Coriander Naan
Garlic Coriander Nan
Keema Nan

minced lamb

Chilli Nan

roasted with green chilli paste.

Chilli Cheese Nan

Roasted green chilli paste smothered with Cheese melted on Nan.


flat flaky bread

Veg Pratha

mix of flavoured mashed veg layered in flat bread.

Keema Pratha

minced lamb.



Tandoori Roti

Light, puffy, slightly crisp bread.

Poori bread

Fried bread 

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