Popadoms & Dips.


x2 Popadoms

Lentil crisps. Gluten Free. X2 in a portion.

Spiced Onions

Hand cut, marinated cute onions. Vegan.


Mango Chutney

Home made with fresh mango, sweetened with honey


Lime and chilli pickle dip. Vegan


Yoghurt flavoured wth mint and cumin, chopped tomatoes & cucumber

Imli Dip

Deliciously tangy tamarind, full of flavour and spice! Vegan.

Chicken Tikka Cocktail

Spiced Marie rose sauce smothered with grilled chicken bites, finely chopped tomatoes, cucumber & lettuce. 

Pakora Sauce

(Spicy & Fruity) Vegan.

Chilli Garlic Dip

A delicious sweet chilli garlic dip!

Cool Mint Dip

Yoghurt flavoured with fresh mint.

Side Salad
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